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Thoughts On Wilkerson and Where Jets Go From Here

I think the general consensus on the New York Jets selecting Muhammad Wilkerson in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft was that they got excellent value. Wilkerson fell further than expected and has the talent, versatility, and size to become an immediate difference maker on the Jets defense. The Jets will likely let Shaun Ellis leave via free agency now and have Wilkerson slide in at starting defensive end in their 3-4 looks. He also has the ability to move inside to defensive tackle when they go to a four man front. Honestly, it still wouldn't hurt to bring Ellis or at least Trevor Pryce back to mentor Wilkerson and allow him to begin as more of a rotational player.

Either way the Jets have to be happy getting somebody as talented as Wilkerson with the 30thoverall pick. The real question is now where they go from here. Many players the Jets were linked with in the first round like Akeem Ayers, Brooks Reed, Jabaal Sheard, and Justin Houston are still available. It could be very difficult for Mike Tannenbaum to sit still without a second round pick. The Jets don't select again to the 94th overall pick, which is at the back end of the third round.

The Jets don't have much ammunition to trade up into round two but if Ayers or Reed start sliding, they might have to dip into their selections next year to make a move. If they can leave this draft with Wilkerson and one of the outside linebackers they were targeting in round one, it could be worth it.