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Giants Close Training Facilities To Players

As much as it should not have been a real surprise that the New York Giants were the only NFL to open their weight room to players on Tuesday it really should come as no surprise that the team has now closed it.

The Giants announced Tuesday night that they will get in line with the other 31 NFL teams and keep their training facilities closed to players while awaiting a court ruling on the league’s request for a “stay” of Judge Susan Richard Nelson’s ruling to end the NFL Lockout. Nelson could rule on that request as early as Thursday.

“We have decided that our workout and training rooms will be closed,” said team spokesman Pat Hanlon, “until we get clarification from the pending challenges to the court’s decision.”

Per the Daily News, there is a belief that the Giants were pressured into this decision by the NFL. That should not surprise anyone, either. What the Giants did on Tuesday, opening the weight room and allowing players to see coaches and staff members, made the rest of the league look bad.