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NFL Draft 2011 Notebook: Houston, Ballard Failed Drug Tests

File this under 'how stupid can you be?' Justin Houston, a defensive end from Georgia, and Christian Ballard, a defensive tackle from Iowa, both reportedly failed drug tests at the NFL Scouting Combine. This is one of those 'you know you are going to be tested' times, so the fact that these two players failed drug tests they knew were coming is not a good sign.

The National Football Post called the failures "an obvious red flag," while maintaining that neither player's draft stock is likely to suffer. Houston is a likely late first-round pick, and Ballard a probable second-round choice.

In its report on the failed drug tests, Pro Football Talk had this to say:

Plenty of players have been caught for smoking weed before and they still were drafted highly.  Coaches know that a large segment of every team smokes, making the drug test at the Combine an intelligence test more than anything.

Houston and Ballard apparently failed that intelligence test.