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NFL Lockout: Players Trickle In, Not Allowed To Work Out

Earlier today we wondered what would happen when players for the New York Jets or New York Giants reported to their training facilities this morning, the day after Judge Susan Nelson lifted the NFL Lockout.

Well, six New York Jets showed up this morning. They were allowed into the facility, but not allowed into the weight room or given any access to coaches.

The only New York Giant to appear today was Mario Manningham, who apparently entered the team’s facility and left shortly thereafter.

The NFL has apparently said it is “not appropriate” for players to be working out at team facilities while the matter of the lockout is still in court, even though it has been lifted.

The NFL has asked the judge for a stay of her ruling and Nelson has given the league until 6 p.m. Wednesday to file its motion.

Not to be outdone, the players have asked Nelson to force the league to start the NFL calendar, which likely would force teams to allow players to work out at team facilities.