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What Will Happen When Jets, Giants Players Report To Work?

The NFL Lockout has been lifted, at least for now. That, however, does not mean life returns to normal at NFL training facilities around the country. Some players are saying they will show up for work at team facilities, though what happens when they do is really anybody's guess.

For the New York Jets, Pro Bowl tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson has said he will be showing up at Florham Park. For the New York Giants, defensive tackle Chris Canty will be reporting to the Timex Performance Center.

Per ESPN, NFL teams have been instructed to open their doors to players but not to allow them into weight rooms. Coaches have also been instructed not to have contact with any players who show up.

So, why bother to show up if you are a player? What purpose could it serve? Well, partially to prove a point. For some, though, it is about money. Many players have workout bonuses that kick in as soon as players show up for off-season programs, and some NFL agents are saying they aim to try and collect on those bonuses since the league is open for business.

So, it might be back to work for some NFL players. It definitely, however, is not back to normal for the league.