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2011 NFL Draft: Jerry Reese Says Giants Will 'Try To Pick The Best Player'

An offensive tackle? A center? How about a running back? A linebacker? Maybe a defensive tackle? What will the New York Giants target next week in the 2011 NFL Draft?

New York Giants' General Manager Jerry Reese would have you believe "none of the above." During his annual pre-draft press conference on Thursday Reese said the Giants would simply "try to pick the best player available."

"We'll do like we always do. We'll try to pick the best players on the board," Reese said. "We'll go into the draft looking for the best players available. Then, after the draft when free agency starts we'll say OK, let's fill some holes."

Reporters tried to pin Reese down as to whether he might be targeting certain positions. The Giants' GM was asked specifically about offensive line and linebacker.

"There's good players in the offensive line, we think. There's good players at every position," Reese said. "If it's a good player we like in our window we'll take a stab at him.

"You're always cognizant of what your need is. If we need a running back and there's a high-value defensive tackle we're not going to take a running back just because we need a running back. We're going to take that high-value defensive tackle."

-- I will have much more analysis of what Reese discussed over at Big Blue View. Stop by and have a look.