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Jets Draft Analysis: Linebacker

Current Situation:

Starters - Calvin Pace, Bryan Thomas, David Harris, Bart Scott

Top Backups - Jamaal Westerman, Josh Mauga, Lance Laury

The Jets are badly in need of a pass rusher at outside linebacker and better overall depth. Calvin Pace is a good all-around player but hasn't given the Jets a full sixteen games in either of the past two seasons. He is better served being a complimentary pass rusher instead of a team's top option. Bryan Thomas is another solid all-around player but lacks explosiveness. Bart Scott and David Harris are one of the the better inside linebacker tandems in the league, who are excellent at slowing down the run but don't provide a ton of big plays.

Recent History

The last time the Jets drafted a linebacker was when they spent the 6th overall pick on some guy named Vernon Gholston.

First Round Probability

Very high. Outside linebackers Akeem Ayers, Justin Houston, and Brooks Reed have all frequently been linked to the Jets in mock drafts and all remain very real possibilties at number 30.

Later Rounds Probability

Very high, even if the Jets spend their first round pick on an outside linebacker, don't surprised to see them add an inside linebacker in later rounds.


I would say there is a 50 percent chance the Jets select an outside linebacker with their first round pick. If they don't take one, they will absolutely add one in the later rounds.