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New York Knicks: Two Games, Five Points, Plenty of Pain

Two games, five points, and plenty of pain for the New York Knicks

It has been so long since the New York Knicks have been in the playoffs, we may have all forgotten just how much they could rip our hearts out. Nobody enjoyed watching a 25-win team get whipped night in and night out, but was that better than the emotionally draining roller coaster this team has taken us on in their first two playoff games, ultimately ending in despair?

The answer is of course not. It has been exhilarating to watch the Knicks battle these past two games and beats anything we have seen in the past decade from this franchise. However, any of the pride you felt watching the underdog Knicks stand toe-to-toe with Boston in its building is erased by the reality that they are down two games to zero. Only five total points have separated the Knicks from a 2-0 series lead over the defending Eastern Conference Champions.

Do you realize the lineup the Knicks were playing with in crunch time last night around Carmelo Anthony? Jared Jeffries, Roger Mason Jr., Toney Douglas, and Bill Walker, as your second through fifth options, are you kidding me? Boston will probably ultimately prevail in this series but I hope they don't have any serious title aspirations because they are going to run into an ugly buzz-saw in later rounds. Jared Jeffries won't be handing them a victory in the final seconds if they happen to advance.

Anthony put on a show for the ages Tuesday night. The last man standing in the Knicks big three, he dropped 42 points, 17 rebounds, and 6 assists while literally carrying the entire team on his back. I am sorry, does anybody miss WIlson Chandler after watching what 'Melo did last night? People will still criticize him for shooting too much during the course of the game and then passing on that final possession when he was swarmed with the double team. Yet, those same people criticized him for not passing on the final possession in Game 1. He is in a no-win situation whenever this team loses, but I am sorry you need your eyes checked if you give any blame to Anthony after last night.

The Knicks needed one other player to provide a little spark but nobody could answer the bell. Douglas was off from the field all night. Landry Fields has regressed so far he is starting to look like he belongs in the D-League. Walker was 0-for-11 from the field. Mason looked completely overwhelmed, despite being a seasoned veteran.

The two losses are in the bank. There is nothing to do about them now. Boston defended its home-court advantage and now the Knicks must defend theirs, hopefully with the support of Billups and Stoudemire. We did learn this, these Knicks, regardless of who is on the floor, won't go down without a fight. This team will never get run off the floor. Hopefully on Friday night, it will be again be the home team who comes up with an answer in the final minutes of a close game.

Madison Square Garden, we are coming home.