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SB Nation New York 2011 NFL Mock Draft

The 2011 NFL Draft is April 28-30 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. That means the first round is just 10 days away. It also means it is time for the first-ever SB Nation New York NFL Mock Draft.

I am going to handle this in a bit of a different fashion. I am not going to give you the entire mock draft in one lump sum. Rather, I am going to use SB Nation's unique StoryStream technology to give you our mock draft in little bites. Each pick will be given a post of its own, beginning a little bit later today with the first overall selection by the Carolina Panthers. Check back often for the next selection as I will be making several of these each day until we get through the round.

I may reach out occasionally to the lead blogger for the corresponding SB Nation team website to get an opinion, but these will ultimately be my choices for the first round.

We have been following mock draft trends for the New York Giants and New York Jets for months now. It should be fun to try our hand at a mock of our own.

With that, the Carolina Panthers are officially on the SB Nation New York draft clock.