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Jets Draft Analysis: Wide Receiver

Current Situation:

Starters - Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards

Top Backups - Jerricho Cotchery, Brad Smith, Patrick Turner

There are tons of question marks around this position for the Jets, as Holmes, Edwards, and Smith are all free agents. The conventional thinking throughout the off-season was that Holmes was the top priority and would likely return with Edwards probably leaving via free agency, however he has expressed hesitance about signing his restricted free agent tender and publicly stated he will go where he receives the most money. Edwards has sounded more receptive to returning to New York. Regardless of how the CBA shakes out, Mike Tannenbaum will have his hands full attempting to bring his receivers back.

Recent History

The Jets haven't drafted a receiver since selecting Marcus Henry in 6th round of the 2008 Draft. He is no longer with the team and never made an impact.

First Round Probability

Not likely, but small possibility. Leonard Hankerson and Johnathan Baldwin have been linked to them in some mock drafts but both would be a reach at #30.

Later Rounds Probability

Very high, considering the uncertainty of who will return next year. Denarius Moore from Tennessee and Randall Cobb from Kentucky have both visited the team and could be later round targets.


The Jets will draft a receiver in one of the middle rounds.