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Jets Draft Analysis: Running Back

Current Situation:

Starters - Shonn Greene (RB), John Conner(FB)

Top Backups - LaDainian Tomlinson, Joe McKnight, Tony Richardson

From what we have heard, the plan is for Shonn Greene to become the starter and take the bulk of the carries, which he never ended up doing last year. John Conner will take over as the starting fullback, while Tony Richardson will likely retire. LaDainian Tomlinson should become the primary third down back, while helping groom Joe McKnight for a bigger role in the offense than he had during his disappointing rookie season.

Recent History

The Jets spent a fourth round pick on McKnight and a fifth round pick on Conner last year. The year before they traded up in the third round to draft Shonn Greene.

First Round Probability

Absolutely none.

Later Rounds Probability

It would be a surprise if the Jets spent another draft pick on the running back position, especially after spending three of them on it in the past two years. It wouldn't look good for Tomlinson to return in 2011 if they did draft a running back.


The Jets won't draft a running back. They have too many other areas to address.