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New York Jets: Holmes and Moss Providing Wide Receiver Drama

Would Randy Moss be a good option if Santonio Holmes doesn't return next season?

We all know wide receivers are the most entertaining players on a football team, hence it shouldn't be a surprise the New York Jets got a little bump of early April news courtesy of the position.

The first piece of news comes from the opinions expressed by SantonioHolmes in a recent interview. Holmes continued to discuss his dissatisfaction with not playing enough first quarter reps in the AFC Championship Game, said he would only play for a long term contract (and thus not sign the Jets restricted free agent tender if it comes to that), and that he will ultimately go where the best money is and feels no special loyalty towards the Jets.

Also simultaneously, reports of Rex Ryan gushing about the value of Randy Moss as a vertical receiver surfaced along with a few stories discussing how "real" the Jets interest in Moss is this off-season. I don't think any of us think this was coincidence.

This writer's guess is that the Jets have sent out some early feelers to Holmes' agent about a new contract and the numbers haven't been received well, which led to Holmes speaking out and Jets expressing their interest in Moss. Consider it the starting point in negotiations, which as we know with Mike Tannenbaum can be a bit of a process at times. It has been consistently documented throughout this off-season that Holmes is now the Jets top priority that David Harris has been taken care of, so I wouldn't go anywhere near writing him off returning to the team.

I am not sure whether or not Holmes has it in him to pull a Logan Mankins or Vincent Jackson and miss a bunch of games out of a refusal to sign his restricted free agent tender. However, it isn't worth speculating on that issue yet since it remains to be seen whether or not he will even be a RFA under the new CBA.

In terms of Randy Moss, despite his lack of production last year and history of locker room issues, he could be a very intriguing option if either Holmes or Braylon Edwards doesn't return next year. I am talking about on a low-cost, short-term contract of course. If Moss is properly motivated, he still has the ability to create big plays. By all accounts, he was awful last year but don't act like you don't remember him beating Darrelle Revis for a one-handed touchdown and Antonio Cromartie on a bomb down the sideline during Monday Night Football. Just like he always has said, he can still play "when he wants to."

There are absolutely risks associated with bringing Moss in and maybe I am putting too much faith in Rex Ryan, but I think Moss would be properly motivated and behaved for at least one season, in an effort to bounce back from embarrassing 2010. He will come on the cheap and will give the Jets another year to find an adequate long-term replacement for Holmes or Edwards, if either leave.