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CBI Championship Series: Title On Line Tonight

The championship of the College Basketball Invitational will be determined tonight (10 p.m. ET, HDNet). Oregon (20-18) will host the decisive game.

Creighton (23-10) won the first game of the best-of-three Championship Series, 84-76. Oregon, playing at home, responded Wednesday with a 71-58 victory. Joevan Catron scored a game-high 18 points for Oregon.

For more coverage Oregon fans should check out Addicted To Quack. Quack, by the way, has a great perspective on the Ducks playing for the CBI title:

Whatever your feelings about the Ducks playing in the CBI, I’m sure we all agree it would be better to end the season on a high note and a win then a loss.

VCU won the tournament in 2010. The Rams, of course, are in the NCAA Tournament Final Four this weekend.

— Game 1: Creighton 84, Oregon 76
— Game 2: Oregon 71, Creighton 58
— Game 3: Creighton at Oregon, 10 p.m. ET (HDNet)