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Big East Tournament 2011: Game By Game Results, Ahead Of Time!

Alright. I'll tell you who is going to win every game of the epic Big East Tournament getting underway today at Madison Square Garden. But first, some caveats.

Do not use this for gambling purposes. Gambling is against the law. And you won't feel right, jumping into that ill-gotten money bath, all because you knew from me how the tournament would turn out.

Another good reason not to is that I'm going to be wrong. Gloriously, deliriously wrong. Doesn't matter how much of an expert you are- crazy things happen in March. Good teams lose. Bad teams win. A football game might break out- it is how March works.

Nevertheless, I will try my hand at handicapping every game. My only suggestion? Watch them anyway.


No. 9 Connecticut 78, No. 16 DePaul 52: This could have been a matchup between Connecticut and Cleveland Melvin, DePaul's best player and one Jim Calhoun let get away. But Melvin is injured, and DePaul has been playing like a team that had one good player, and now, doesn't.

No. 12 Seton Hall 68, No. 13 Rutgers 56: You may have noticed Jeremy Hazell scoring and figured it was business as usual. but in the Hall's last two wins, over St. John's and Marquette, Hazell hasn't just been scoring- he's been efficient. He's averaged 26 points over those two games- but did it on just 12.5 shots per game.

No. 10 Villanova 66, No. 15 South Florida 57: A struggling Villanova team, quite possibly without Corey Stokes, will find a way to survive a South Florida team that could give them trouble inside. Augustus Gilchrist could start for most of the teams above South Florida in the Big East.

No. 14 Providence 87, No. 11 Marquette 73: I think the bubble bursts for Marquette here. And how ridiculous is this conference- arguably the three best players in the conference- Kemba Walker of Connecticut, Jeremy Hazell of Seton Hall and Marshon Brooks of Providence- are playing in the lowest-seeded games.


No. 9 Connecticut 65, No. 8 Georgetown 49: Without Chris Wright, Georgetown's offense is utterly stalled. What a shame- the team has finally learned how to play consistent defense. Without Wright, the stay in the NCAA tournament will be equally short.

No.12 Seton Hall 76, No. 5 St. John's 74: Just get the feeling that Seton Hall has St. John's number after last Thursday's win in Newark. And Jeremy Hazell looks like he's ready to make the Big East Tournament his final college stage.

No. 10 Villanova 68, No. 7 Cincinnati 59: The upsets continue, I guess, though seeding can't erase the idea that Villanova is a better team than Cincinnati, recent struggles be damned. Corey Stokes returns for this one and shines.

No. 6 West Virginia 83, No. 14 Providence 62: Bob Huggins' group is just too tough for Providence's one elite player.


No. 1 Pittsburgh 77, No. 9 Connecticut 61: The Panthers know how to defend Walker, and Connecticut simply doesn't have enough to counter.

No. 12 Seton Hall 75, No. 4 Syracuse 71: Hazell shines, and Herb Pope holds his own against Rick Jackson. The Pirates' improbable run continues, and somewhere Terry Dehere smiles.

No. 2 Notre Dame 89, No. 10 Villanova 87: I don't think Notre Dame can crush the Wildcats by 20+ points again, and this should be one of the classic games of the tournament.

No. 6 West Virginia 74, No. 3 Louisville 72: Less than a week after Louisville lost a three-point lead with seven seconds to go and actually lost in regulation, West Virginia does it again.


No. 1 Pittsburgh 81, No. 12 Seton Hall 74 (OT): Hazell is on fire, but Pitt has too much beyond Hazell, and Herb Pope can't contain all of the Panther size himself.

No. 6 West Virginia 78, No. 2 Notre Dame 67: Notre Dame, on back-to-back nights, can't muster up its usual three-point performance.


No. 1 Pittsburgh 73, No. 6 West Virginia 72: The Panthers are the best team in the conference, but this one goes down to the final shot. And with at least ten Big East teams in the NCAA tournament, it might not be the last time these rivals meet, either.