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USF Bulls (9-22, 3-15 Big East): South Florida Looking For Big East Tournamet Miracle

South Florida Bulls (9-22, 3-15 Big East)

Big East Tournament Seed: No. 15; play No. 10 Villanova Wildcats on Tuesday (7 p.m. on ESPNU).

Head Coach: Last year, under third-year coach Stan Heath, the USF basketball program earned its first 20-win season, but this year was a different story. Heath, who after last season signed an contract extension that expires in 2015, is having a hard time making USF basketball relevant in football country.

Team MVP: The name, Augustus Gilchrist, is fantastic and his game is pretty good too. All season, the 6-foot-10, junior forward, who finished the regular season as the team's best scorer (13.2 points per game) has been USF's go-to guy. Gilchrist's size and athletic ability creates tough matchup for opponents, but without much talent surrounding him constancy has been the issue.

Playing For: Unless a miracle-championship run in the Big East Tournament happens, then the Bulls are more thank likely headed back to the drawing board for the 2011-'12 season.

Breakdown: Explosiveness is not in USF's basketball dictionary. Only one player (Gilchrist) is averaging double-digits in scoring and the team is ranked last in the conference in points per game, 61.7. Now, I am no basketball genius, but I do know that scoring more than the other team is the key to winning. Sophmore forward Jawanza Poland is the team's second-best scorer (9.2 ppg), while teammate junior forward Ron Anderson Jr. is the squad's best rebound (6.5 rebounds per game).