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NBA Power Rankings: New York Knicks Go Backwards

The New York Knicks have fallen out of the top half of the SB Nation NBA Power Rankings, dropping to No. 17 this week. That should come as no surprise since the 36-38 Knicks won for the first time in seven tries on Monday. The Knicks had been holding at No. 15 for a couple of weeks prior to the latest poll.

Here is what SB Nation said about the stumbling Knickerbockers:

Mike D'Antoni's experiments with the center position do well to point out exactly why so many were skeptical of Amar'e Stoudemire last summer. If you have to rely on Shawne Williams to guard Dwight Howard so that Amar'e doesn't get in foul trouble, you have a problem with Amar'e. There may not be a more "one-way" player than him in the league. (Old buddy Steve Nash and new buddy Carmelo Anthony are contenders.)

Monday's victory over Orlando aside, the Knicks have issues as currently constructed. They got a tremendous effort from Anthony to help down the Magic, but they can't defend inside, they don't rebound and there offense consists of Chauncey Billups bombs up a three or throw it to Carmelo or Amare and get out of the way.

The New Jersey Nets are playing out the string and remained at No. 27 this week. The Nets have won 23 games this season, and one more will double their victory total from a season ago.