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CBI Championship Series Begins Tonight: Oregon At Creighton

Need a college basketball fix after watching the wackiness of March Madness all weekend? Can't wait until Saturday's NCAA Tournament Final Four? Well, the College Basketball Invitational can help you fill the void.

The third Division I tournament after the NCAA and NIT, the CBI finals begin tonight. The finalists are Oregon and Creighton, and they meet beginning tonight on the tournament's unique best-of-three format. Game is at Creighton at 8 p.m. ET (HDNet).

Creighton is 22-14 and Oregon is 19-17 heading into the Championship Series. VCU, which is now stunningly in the NCAA Tournament Final Four, won the CBI championship in 2010.

Each game of the CBI Championship Series is being televised by HDNet. The schedule is as follows:

— Game 1 (March 28): Oregon at Creighton, 8 p.m. ET
— Game 2 March 30): Creighton at Oregon, 10 p.m., ET
— Game 3, if necessary (March 31): Creighton at Oregon, 10 p.m. ET