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NCAA Bracket 2011 Predictions: Butler Vs. Florida (Southeast Region)

The Florida Gators' Thursday night victory, 83-74, over BYU Cougars and the nation's NCAA Tournament darling, Jimmer Fredette, really sent a national message. That message was, "Mr. Smith, we weren't the overrated No. 2 seed," (see Rule 9). Message received, but don't take credit for all my NCAA bracket misforturnes because there are better ones like:

  • Louisville advancing to the Final Four (lost to Morehead St in the second round).
  • Pittsburgh winning their first National Title (dropped by Bulter in round three).
  • Georgetown, St. John's moving onto the Elite 8 (both lost in round two).
  • Thursday's second-chance "Sweet 16" predictions: BYU, Wisconsin, San Diego St., Duke winners (all lost).

Sorry Gators fans, your team is not that special (heck, you're only one of eight tams left in the tournament. That's not that elite). The facts are, there were a lot of teams this year that proved me wrong, multiple times. Also, nobody, but you, is happy that Glens Falls, NY native, Fredette, is out of the tournament. We all want to see him take the Cougars to the Final Four in Houston, TX. But that will no longer happen because you had to prove me wrong (am I taking too much credit?).

Well, here's one more opportunity to stick it to me because I am going to pick the No. 8 Butler basketball program to win on Saturday night. That's right, behind senior forward Matt Howard, who tallied a 20 points and 12 rebounds in a 61-54 victory over Wisconsin Thursday night, and head coach Brade Stevens' magical powers, you don't stand a chance.

Predictions: Honestly, whatever I just said Gator fans. I take it all back. Florida's head coach Billy Donavon has been here before, multiple times; and the Gators' leading scorer, Brooklyn, NY native Erving Walker, has been steady during the tournament (18.3 points per game). Gator nation needs to prepare for its first trip to the Final Four since 'its National Championship season of '07.

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