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NCAA Sweet 16 Bracket: Locations, Game Time, Schedule And TV

The NCAA Tournament bracket has been trimmed to just 16 teams. Though, your bracket is probably ripped up and placed in the recycling bin (we at SB Nation New York like to reduce, recycle and reuse) it doesn't mean you're going to give up on the madness that is March.

So, if somehow your bracket is still in the running for first place or you just want to watch the run to the Final Four here is the full Sweet 16 bracket schedule, and below are the locations for the games, and which teams are playing where:


West Region, Honda Center, Anaheim, California

  • San Diego State vs. UConn (7:15 p.m. on CBS).
  • Duke vs. Arizona (9:45 p.m. on CBS).

Southeast, New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Butler vs. Wisconsin (9:57 p.m. on TBS)
  • Florida vs. BYU (7:27 on TBS)


Southwest Region, Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas

  • Kansas vs. Richmond (7:27 on TBS)
  • Florida State vs. VCU (9:57 on TBS)

East Region, Prudential Center, Newark, NJ

  • Ohio State vs. Kentucky (9:45 p.m. on CBS)
  • North Carolina vs. Marquette (7:15 p.m. on CBS)

-- SB Nation contributed to this report.

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