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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Cameron Heyward To The Jets

The New York Jets are doing a major overhaul of their defensive line this offseason. They have already released Kris Jenkins and Jason Taylor, and Shaun Ellis is a free agent. At this point, we don't really know what the Jets' defensive front is going to look like next year. As a result, selecting a defensive lineman with their first round pick might be a smart move for them. SB Nation thinks so too.

In their latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft, they have the Jets taking Ohio St. Cameron Heyward, who could be a good fit as a DE in their 3-4.

The Jets are doing a little re-tooling along the defensive line, having cut Kris Jenkins and with Shaun Ellis facing free agency. Ellis very well could be back, but youth is necessary, and Heyward is the type of disruptive player that Rex Ryan can work with.

Heyward is versatile, and may be overlooked a little bit because he didn't really improve drastically over the course of the last season. But he was already really good to begin with. He just doesn't represent the kind of player that could be seen as potentially getting much better than they currently are. But Heyward is so good already, that that isn't much of a concern. Especially if he fills a need like he would for the Jets. Heyward is ready to play right away, and could go be the first piece of a re-built defensive line for the Jets.