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New York Jets Need A Big Draft

After a disappointing year from the Jets 2010 draft class, Mike Tannenbaum needs to hit big with the Jets six draft picks this April

Despite appearing in two consecutive AFC Championship Games, the New York Jets roster could use plenty of tweaking this off-season. Unfortunately, it appears they will likely be very limited in the maneuvering they will be able to make, although after the last couple of years it would be foolish to put anything past Mike Tannenbaum.


It is likely an injunction will be ruled on April 6th, which should bring a start to some form of an off-season. The Jets will be cuffed by the same "Final Eight" rules they were last year, which will keep them from having a spending spree on free agents. It remains to be seen how trades will be able to work, considering how fluid the situation could end up being in the coming months.


In April’s draft, the Jets only have six selections and are without a second round pick. This is a scary prospect considering this team has only drafted seven players over the past two years. It is starting to affect their depth and age on the roster. Beyond that, last year’s draft class was on the whole very disappointing. Tannenbaum needs to leave this year’s draft with a few contributors and at least six total players, although I wouldn’t be surprised if he traded down for more picks.


On the defensive side of the football, the Jets badly need an infusion of age and speed on their line and at the outside linebacker position. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets ended up spending three picks on their defensive front seven. You could also never count out a Rex Ryan coached team to avoid taking a safety or corner, especially when the Jets only have one of their top four safeties under contract as of right now.


On offense, more depth is still needed on the offensive line after the release of Damien Woody. A developmental receiver would also make sense, if either Braylon Edwards or Santonio Holmes doesn’t return in 2011. Finally, the Jets need a long term answer at backup quarterback.


Looking back the past few years, Tannenbaum struck gold in 2007 with Darrelle Revis and David Harris. He whiffed in 2008 on Vernon Gholston and most of his late round picks, although he did grab Dustin Keller at the end of the first round. In 2009, he went three for three with Mark Sanchez in the first round, Shonn Greene in third round, and Matt Slauson in the sixth round. As we said before, his 2010 class didn’t look all too promising last year. Hopefully, this means he is due for a big year and will make the most of the Jets six selections.