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NFLPA Says It Is Only Recommending NFL Draft Boycott

After issuing a declaration on Monday that they did not want top prospects attending the upcoming NFL Draft, and having that declaration met mostly with derision, the NFLPA has apparently toned down that stance.

The Player’s Association is now saying it is simply recommending that players skip the Draft.

That sounds better, but the whole draft scenario will be a strange one. The NFL’s plan appears to be to invite players and let them decide. Think about it, though. As soon as they are drafted by an NFL team, these rookies will also be locked out by the NFL. The handshake/hug routing with Commissioner Roger Goodell will look a little strange under those circumstances.

In other NFL Lockout news, the lawsuit filed by players seeking an injunction to lift the lockout will be heard April 6 by U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson in Minnesota.

At least one anti-trust expert thinks it will be very difficult for players to obtain than injunction.