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Big Names Tied To New York Jets

Many big names this off-season have been tied to the Jets, will any actually join the team?

Mike Tannenbaum's aggressive approach the past few off-seasons has created a situation where every big name that comes available is linked to the New York Jets. Despite the uncertainty around the CBA negotiations, there has been plenty of speculating about which headline grabbing player can join Rex's merry band of trash talking, airplane imitating individuals. 

Former Oakland Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha has been a popular suggestion to pair with Darrelle Revis, which doesn't even sound fair. Unfortunately,  Asomugha isn't going to take the type of pay cut necessary to join the Jets, who aren't going to sink that much money into one position. Don't you remember that whole hold out thing and how much they paid Revis last year? Personally, I think it is more likely Antonio Cromartie will eventually end up returning.

At wide receiver, a few big names have been thrown around but the primary ones have been Plaxico Burress and Chad Ochocinco. This is based on the assumption that Braylon Edwards won't be back, which is probably a reality the Jets will have to deal with. Burress is intriguing considering his size, pedigree in big games, and you have to figure he will be on his best behavior for at least a year or two. Considering what we saw last year, Ochocinco could end up bringing more problems than he solves. Terrell Owens and Randy Moss have been mentioned as well but again pose a risk to pair with a young quarterback like Mark Sanchez.

Thankfully, I haven't heard anybody discuss Tiki Barber yet. Then again, does anybody really want that guy on their team?