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NBA Power Rankings: Knicks Hold Steady at No. 14, Nets At No. 29

The New York Knicks remained at No. 14, where they were a week ago, in the latest SB Nation NBA Power Rankings, released this morning. The New Jersey Nets dropped one spot to 29th in the 30-team league.

The Knicks are 26-24, and a ranking of 14th puts them pretty much right smack in the middle of the pack -- where you would think a 26-24 team belongs. It is no wonder owner James Dolan is suddenly getting personally involved in trade talks for Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks are a nice team that can make the playoffs the way they are currently constructed. The Knicks, however, won't do anything truly special until they upgrade the talent around Amare Stoudemire. Anthony, obviously, would do that.

As for the Nets, they have sunk to a record of 15-37. Thank goodness for the abominable Cleveland Cavaliers, losers of an NBA record 25 straight games. Without the Cavs, the Nets would be staring up from the bottom of the rankings. With the Cavs around at least New Jersey can say it is better than somebody.