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2011 NBA Trade Rumors: What Will Nets, Knicks Do Now?

Carmelo Anthony is a member of the New York Knicks. So is Chauncey Billups. We know that much. What we don't know is what happens next. The NBA trade deadline is Feb. 24, still two days away, and the Anthony trade likely opens the floodgates to more wheeling and dealing.

In particular, what will the New Jersey Nets do? The Nets lost out on Anthony, whom they had hoped would be the centerpiece of their revitalization as they move the franchise to Brooklyn. Long-term, that means the Nets will be looking for another super star. Whether or not there will be one out there who will be willing to come to New Jersey/Brooklyn is an open question. Short-term, though, the Nets still have plenty to do.

New Jersey not only lost out on Anthony Monday, but they lost out on a couple of former Knicks. The Denver Nuggets have apparently decided not to ship any of the players they got for Anthony to the Nets.

New Jersey's first decision will likely be what to do with point guard Devin Harris. There have been reports of discussions between the Nets and Portland Trail Blazers of a trade that would send Harris to Portland for veteran point guard Andre Miller. Harris is averaging 15 points and 7.6 assists, but going back to their days together in Dallas it seems that the working relationship between Harris and Nets coach Avery Johnson has always been an uncomfortable one.

Veteran forward Troy Murphy may also be included in that deal. If he is not, can the Nets find another take for Murphy (Golden State, maybe?) in the next two days?

The Knicks may also not be done moving players around. As part of Monday's mega-deal the Knicks sent Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry to Minnesota and received shooting guard Corey Brewer. There has been some speculation that the Knicks will try to flip Brewer in another deal prior to Thursday's deadline.

No matter what happens, stay tuned right here to SB Nation New York. We will do our best to keep you up to date on what is going on -- and what it might mean.