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NBA Power Rankings: Knicks In The Middle, Nets Thankful For Cavs

The New York Knicks are No. 16 in the most recent SB Nation NBA Power Rankings, released earlier today. The New Jersey Nets are 29th in the 30-team league.

The Knicks dropped from 14th a week ago to 16th. Thing is, does it really matter. New York is 27-26, and both of those rankings indicate that the Knicks are mediocre, which is precisely what they are. Right smack in the middle of the NBA pack. Not horrible like they used to be, but not championship caliber, either.

In reality, does anything really matter with the Knicks until the Carmelo Anthony mess gets sorted out? The NBA trade deadline is Feb. 24, and the story with the Knicks between now and then will be whether or not they are able to acquire Anthony from the Denver Nuggets. It will have nothing to do with what they accomplish, or fail to accomplish, on the court.

Even with Anthony the Knicks would be mediocre in the short term, especially if they are forced to give up most of their team to get him. Thing is, in the long run having 'Melo gives the Knicks their best chance to bring in other star players (ahem, Chris Paul) and really become a contender.

As for the Nets, well, they are 17-39. That, obviously, is not very good. They just just be happy that the woeful Cleveland Cavaliers, the only team ranked below them, are still in the league.