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SB Nation Mocks Notre Dame Tight End Kyle Rudolph To Jets

The New York Jets have only one pick in the first two rounds of the 2011 NFL Draft, having lost their second-round pick to the San Diego Chargers in the trade for cornerback Antonio Cromartie. That means, of course, that the Jets had better hit with their first-round selection, 30th overall this April.

Not that mock drafts mean anything, but I was a little surprised by the selection made for the Jets in the most recent SB Nation NFL Mock Draft, released Monday morning.

SB Nation’s reasoning — copying the New England Patriots — might not thrill Jets fans.

New England’s offensive success will make the two-TE offense trendy. Rudolph and Dustin Keller would do wonders for Mark Sanchez’s development.

Most prognosticators see the Jets going for the best 3-4 defensive end or outside linebacker available, or possibly a wide receiver with this pick. So, the selection of a tight end might be a tad surprising. If the Jets want a weapon for Sanchez, though, does it really matter if the best player is a tight end or wide receiver? I don’t think so.