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Can Fedor Emelianenko And Strikeforce Fill The Izod Center?

Strikeforce is coming to New Jersey, and it will be headlined by Fedor Emilanenko. You can check out the entire fight card over here at SB Nation's MMA page. The big question is, can Fedor and MMA  fill the Izod Center? Luke Thomas of Bloody Elbow and SB Nation try to answer that question.

First, the raw ticket data.

  • Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva is currently averaging around $160 a ticket on the secondary market
  • Lowest priced tickets are available for around $70 in the upper 200 level
  • Highest priced tickets are available for up to $1,934 on the floor near the octagon
  • It's important to note that tickets are still available on the primary markets for the event

Then Luke's conclusion.

Strikeforce doesn't have the brand power or the fighter star power that the UFC does and Strikeforce's event this weekend, as good as it does, doesn't really match up to the market value of what UFC 128 delivers. But that cuts both ways. While Strikeforce cannot So, will Strikeforce sell out the house? Probably not, but they'll come close and they'll likely fill it with very modest papering. For the number two MMA promotion in North America, that's plenty of success and an excellent start to the heavyweight grand prix.

I think it's going to be hard for Strikeforce to sell out the Izod Center, but then again, they have to be a better draw than the Nets, right?