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2011 NFL Draft: New York Giants Mock Draft Updates

In a look at this week's updated 2011 NFL Mock Drafts, a new name surfaced in connection with the New York Giants. Amidst the usual collection of offensive linemen, linebackers and occasional running back SB Nation has selected Notre Dame tight end Kyle Rudolph for the Giants with the 19th pick in the first round.

This is an interesting idea for the Giants, who struggled on third down in 2010 and have struggled in the red zone the past few seasons. Kevin Boss is a nice player, but not a focal point of the Giants attack. His career-best in receptions is 42, and he dropped 11 passes in 2010 while catching 35. Plus, Boss is a free agent so there is no guarantee he will return to the Giants.

Here is what SB Nation said in selecting Rudolph for the Giants:

The Giants are incredibly inconsistent offensively, and turnovers are a huge problem for them. As good as Kevin Boss (an impending free agent) has been, he's not the elite safety valve Jeremy Shockey was. Rudolph is very similar to Rob Gronkowski as a prospect, even down to a worrisome injury.

Check Big Blue View for a full profile on Rudolph. Here is a little taste of what scouts think of the 6-foot-6, 265-pounder:

"Runs like a receiver, stretching the field vertically and pressing safeties and linebackers before stopping on square-ins. Lines up with his hand down, in the slot and in the backfield. Often used on short outs to move the chains. ... Tough matchup down the seam."

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