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NFL Labor Negotiations On Hold As Meeting Is Cancelled

The second day of NFL labor negotiations between between owners and players, set for today in Washington, D.C., has been canceled per reports from multiple media outlets.

Many of the reports indicated that no progress was made toward a new collective bargaining agreement when the sides met on Wednesday. The current agreement expires March 3 and owners have threatened a lockout of the players if a deal is not reached by that date.

Commissioner Roger Goodell had previously said “It’s always a positive when both parties are talking.”

Which, apparently, they are not. At least not today. No word yet on when another round of talks will be held.

I guess this is what happens when neither side is actually willing to talk, or compromise.

The main sticking points in the negotiations appear to be the owners desire for an 18-game schedule, along with their request for a billion dollar per year giveback by the players.