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NHL Power Rankings: Bruins Keep Hold Of Top Spot, Rangers Number Two

After a November which saw them lose only one game, and in a shootout, the Boston Bruins have started Decemeber with the same momentum. Winning their first two games of the month by a total of 7-2 the Bruins continue to make things look easy. 

  1. Boston Bruins- The Rock. Second in goals per game and 1st in goals against, also posting the best goal differential by a huge margin. 
  2. New York Rangers- With many of the top teams going down this week I award the Rangers the number two spot due to the fact they never really look too bad even in a loss. Although they must improve on their play verse teams with speed.
  3. Minnesota Wild- The Wild continue to win and find themselves atop the Western Conference.
  4. Detroit Red Wings- Their loss to Colorado was only a blip on the radar. The Wings still seem to be the most complete team in the West. 
  5. Pittsburgh Penguins- The Rangers are better and should have beat them but having a vampire on your team automatically puts them in the top 5. #CrosbyisaVampire
  6. Chicago Blackhawks- If the Hawks play even a tiny bit more defense they will sky rocket to the top three on this list.
  7. Florida Panthers- Great win vs San Jose, but a "That's right we are real" win against the Capitals. #WeSeeRed
  8. Philadelphia Flyers- Philly stays put after two predicted wins against Ilya's former suitors the Phoenix Coyotes. 
  9. Vancouver Canucks- Luongo trade rumors aside the Canucks continue to play better hockey.
  10. Toronto Maple Leafs- I'm finally going to give the Leafs some love. 15-6-2 against teams not named the Bruins.
  11. San Jose Sharks- Three loses in four games sees the Sharks fall 5 spots in my rankings. 
  12. St. Louis Blues- The Blues are the best for the teams with 31 points in 26 games and have a big game in Detroit Tuesday night. 
  13. Phoenix Coyotes- Two loses to Philadelphia were appeased by an impressive win over the Blackhawks.  
  14. Los Angeles Kings- 28th in goals per game but 2nd best goals against has the Kings at 6-3-1 in their last 10.
  15. Dallas Stars- Two wins out of three against 3 of the bottom 10 teams in the league. Still lacking the consistency needed to prove themselves.
  16. Washington Capitals- Last Week: "The Capitals have the best player in hockey not named Sidney Crosby, there is no excuse for their current play. Let's see what happens with Dale Hunter behind the bench." So far lot of the same.
  17. Buffalo Sabres- Another team who can't seem to find any consistency. With Ryan Miller back between the pipes maybe the Sabres can use that as a much needed motivation.
  18. Edmonton Oilers- The Oilers are plain fun to watch. With the 6th and 7th leading scorers in hockey it seems like the Oilers are done drafting 1st overall picks.
  19. Nashville Predators- The Predators are a fiery group but can they take their personality and put it in to their performance?
  20. Colorado Avalanche- At 2-3 going into the last three games of their homestand Joe Sacco seemed like a deadman. Then three straight wins against the Devils, Blues, and Red Wings has given the Avalanche some momentum going into a big divisonal game against the Canucks Tuesday night.
  21. Ottawa Senators- Rebuilding teams are not supposed to reel off a 6-2-2 record over their last 10. Don't tell the Senators that, they continue to hang in.
  22. Montreal Canadiens- Real bad news for the Habs as Markov will be out at least another month. Next few games will be essential to see if Montreal can stay afloat. 
  23. Winnipeg Jets- Just as I said last week the Jets continue to play decent hockey but have been unable to get over the .500 hump. Their next game? @ Boston.
  24. Tampa Bay Lightning- After three straight loses the Bolts go on a 4 game road trip. A split could give them some much needed confidence. 
  25. Calgary Flames- The Flames are bad, and two loses to the Blue Jackets helps support that. The Flames might have to look at trading Jarome Iginla because considering the talent in their division things aren't looking to great in Alberta. 
  26. New York Islanders- After recording three wins in their last four, and points in all four games, the Islanders seem to be a better team then their goal differential shows. 
  27. New Jersey Devils- The Devils may have a better record than the Islanders but this team is EMBARRASSING. This team continues to struggle to score with two of the best scorers on the team. Zach Parise would be insane to stay in Jersey and the Devils may realize the same and move him by the deadline. 
  28. Columbus Blue Jackets- Columbus has the fewest points in the NHL but their 4-4-2 record over the last 10 keeps them out of the bottom of the rankings. 
  29. Anaheim Ducks- The Ducks only have 3 points in their last 10 games still someone has been worse.
  30. Carolina Hurricanes- Let us review: 3 points last 10 games, five straight loses, worst goal differential in the NHL, fewest points per games played, and most goals allowed in hockey. Canadian road trip has the Flames, Oilers, Jets, and Leafs licking their chops.