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2011 Sun Bowl: Georgia Tech Vs. Utah

Maybe a safety will be the lone score during Saturday afternoon's 2011 Sun Bowl between Georgia Tech and Utah. Or perhaps an intergalactic space ship will land at Sun Bowl Stadium, causing the game to be prematurely ended in a scoreless tie.

Those are the only ways the game could possibly be lower-scoring than the ugly, hideous, disgusting, unseemly, gross, unfathomable 2008 Sun Bowl.

From SB Nation Atlanta:

In that game, Oregon State beat Pittsburgh, 3-0. The two teams combined for 451 yards of total offense, and that was one of their more respectable numbers. They also completed 30 of a combined 71 passes, converted a combined five of 32 third down tries, had no plays of over 30 yards, and punted 20 times combined. Both teams were ranked heading into the game, and produced a rank spectacle that was the lowest-scoring bowl game since 1959.

It won't take much for Georgia Tech and Utah to put on a better show.

Game: Sun Bowl

Date/Time: Saturday, Dec. 31, 2011, 12 p.m. ET


Betting Odds: Georgia Tech by 2