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NHL Winter Classic 2012: Rangers' Coach John Tortorella Not Enjoying HBO Cameras

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The 2012 NHL Winter Classic will feature the New York Rangers playing the Philadelphia Flyers at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia Jan. 2. Having his team participate in the NHL's annual outdoor holiday showcase must thrill Rangers coach John Tortorella. The buildup, including the cameras following his team for HBO's '24/7 Flyers-Rangers: Road To The Winter Classic' four-part reality series, does not.

"Oh, it’s a pain in the ass, there’s no question. I can’t stand it but it doesn’t affect my coaching. They’re good guys. I just don’t want people in our locker room but I know we have to do it. It hasn’t affected how we go about our business. I just don’t agree with it but it’s probably going to be a hell of a show when all’s said and done. I don’t even see them, that’s where they’re really good. We had talked to Pittsburgh and Washington and they said you won’t even notice them and we don’t, they’re good about that. But I still think it’s an invasion of privacy. I don’t think they should be in the locker room," Tortorella said.

The series begins Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET. Here is the trailer: