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New England Lineman Matt Light Complements Giants, Doesn't Hate Jets

New England Patriots offensive lineman Matt Light was on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston Monday to talk about Sunday's loss to the New York Giants. Light also talked about the rival New York Jets.

Sports Radio Interviews has the full transcript. Excerpts after the jump.

Whether the Giants defensive line is the best the Patriots have faced all year:

“They’re up there, yeah. I mean, look, they’ve got a unique front in the fact that they’ve got not just four, but five or six guys that can all rush the passer; they’re very accomplished, they’ve got multiple moves, and that’s kind of rare to find. Usually you’ve got a couple guys, maybe a couple edge guys like they’ve got in Indy, or maybe one guy inside and one edge guy. But these guys across the board can get it done. They’re pretty dangerous.”

If he’d say that he ‘hates’ the New York Jets:

“No, I just hate losing. It is what it is. The players on that team aren’t always the same each and every year, there’s so many differences from year to year. But losing is never fun. I hate that.”