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New York City Marathon Results 2011: Celebrity Runners Include Mark Messier, Jennie Finch, Apolo Anton Ohno

Each fall, the New York City Marathon results in streets lined with New Yorkers cheering for strangers to run. But sometimes these strangers aren't strangers at all. They're real live celebrities. On Sunday, Mark Messier, Jennie Finch, Apolo Anton Ohno were among the famous runners at the NYC Marathon running for charity.

Messier, the 50-year-old former Stanley Cup Champion, completed the race in 4 hours, 14 minutes, 21 seconds, which is even more impressive since he trained by himself without professional help. Messier, who won a Stanley Cup with the New York Rangers in 1994, ran for Tomorrow’s Children’s Fund and Answer the Call, two charities related to supporting families effected by Sept. 11.

"I just got filled up with inspiration," Messier told the Associated Press. "I feel great."

Two-time softball gold medalist finished in 4 hours, 5 minutes, 26 seconds, and unofficially raised about $30,000 from her sponsor Timex, which pledged $1 for every runner that Finch passed. Finch's preparation for the race included running a half-marathon while five months pregnant!

But perhaps the most impressive celebrity race was run by Olympic gold medalist Apolo Anton Ohno. The short-track speedskating star finished in 3 hours, 25 minutes, 14 seconds -- earning a $26,200 donation from Subway for the Special Olympics.

"I went from short, balistic-type 1½ minute training to something that last 3 hours, 24 minutes longer," he told the Associated Press. "The last 6.2 miles are gruesome, my body isn’t designed for this."

Full results are here. Here are some more celebrities that ran the race and how each finished:

• Actor Mario Lopez (4:23:30)
• Model Christy Turlington Burns (Every Mother Counts) in 4:20:47
• Restaurateur Joe Bastianich (Grana Padano) in 3:47:03
• Shonda Schilling, wife of former pitcher Curt Schilling, (Autism Speaks) in 4:58:50
• Former Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin Vander Sar (4:19:16)