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NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: Giants Out Of RCS Top 15

The New York Giants have fallen to No. 16 in the aggregated Week 13 NFL Power Rankings from Real Clear Sports. The New York Jets are only slightly better, checking in at No. 14.

Real Clear Sports aggregates the power rankings from eight popular media organizations, including SB Nation and ESPN, to come up with its aggregate rankings.

The Giants are 6-5 and have lost three straight games. All eight of the media groups included in the rankings list the struggling Giants between 13th and 17th.

The Giants face the unbeaten Green Bay Packers this weekend as they try to keep from falling even farther behind in the playoff chase.

The Jets are ranked from 11th to 16th by the eight services used by RCS. At 6-5 the Jets are unlikely to catch the New England Patriots in the AFC East, but they are only one game behind in the race for a wild-card berth.