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Chad Jones: Inspiring Comeback Takes Another Step Monday Night

Chad Jones, the New York Giants safety who nearly died in a horrific auto accident in June of 2010, takes another step in what is becoming a remarkable, inspiring comeback story. When the Giants run onto the field Monday night to face the New Orleans Saints Jones -- in uniform -- will run onto the field with them.

Jones was drafted by the Giants in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft but has never played due to the crash that nearly cost him his leg, and his life. No one expected Jones to progress to the point where playing in the NFL would be a legitimate possibility. That, however, is what the 23-year-old has done.

"There were times that I did doubt myself, times that the progress was so slow that I couldn't even see it happening," Jones said. "But as time has passed I've taken big steps.

"I can kind of see the finish line now."

No one knows if Jones will actually make it all the way back. It now seems much more plausible than it ever has. Reality is, whether you love the Giants or hate them this is a kid you have to root for.