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BCS Rankings, Week 14: Rutgers Gets Consideration In Latest BCS

The Week 14 BCS rankings are out and there is no surprise at the top of the rankings as it is looking like an all-SEC matchup for the BCS title game as LSU and Alabama are No. 1 and No. 2 this week, this assuming LSU gets past Georgia . Over in the Big East the only team featured in the latest BCS is the West Virginia Mountaineers who come in at No. 23 and the only ranked team from the league. There is a possibility of a three-way tie between Louisville, Cincinnati and West Virginia at the top of the Big East. Each team will have been 1-1 against the other two teams and the way the tie-breaker works, West Virginia is in control of the Big East's BCS bid.

As for Rutgers they fell last week in their season finale against the Connecticut Huskies to finish 4-3 in league play and lost a chance to share the Big East title. The loss also dropped them in the BCS standings from No. 33 to No. 38 as they received votes in the human polls and had an average computer ranking of 39.5  Rutgers could have the distinction of beating the Big East champion if that team happens to be Cincinnati. Earlier in the season Rutgers defeated Cincinnati 20-3 and Cincinnati can win the Big East and go to a BCS bowl game by winning this week and having West Virginia loss to South Florida. 


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