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New York Yankees Rumors: Albert Pujols Agent Meets With Brian Cashman

Albert Pujols.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Albert Pujols. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Uh-oh, Yankee haters! Better get the 'hate the damn Yankees' machine cranked up. ESPN is reporting that the agent for Albert Pujols met today with New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman. Before you start sharpening all those arguments about the Yankees spending too much, and wondering what they will do with Mark Teixeira when they fit Pujols for pinstripes, read the report carefully.

ESPN does not say that Cashman and agent Dan Lozano talked about Pujols. They could have been talking about Carlos Beltran, another Lozano client. They could have been chatting about the food at the general managers meetings, or comparing Christmas lists. Who knows?

Cashman also reportedly met with Adam Katz, the agent for Cuban defector Yoennis Cespedes and Japanese pitching phenom.

What, if anything, will come of any of those meetings? Nobody knows. Were they even serious meetings, or just 'cover your bases' pleasantries. Nobody knows that, either.

Just don't count on any of that adding up to Pujols wearing Yankee pinstripes in 2012.