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Al Davis: Syracuse University Alum Dies At Age 82

Love'm or hate'm there's no debating that Syracuse University graduate, Al Davis, made an impact on all NFL fans. On Saturday, the Oakland Raiders owner passed away at the age of 82. It is still unknown where and when Davis' death exactly happened.


Davis, who graduated from Syracuse in 1950, was a NFL pioneer. Davis' legacy includes being AFL Coach Of The Year, Commissioner and of course the owner of the Oakland Raiders. During his time as owner, Davis helped the Raiders win three Super Bowl titles and broke ground on a lot of hot button issues -- he hired the first black head coach of the modern era, Art Shell, the first Latino coach, Tom Flores; and the first woman CEO, Amy Trask.


In 1992, Davis was elected to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. There's no doubt that Davis will be remembered as one of the most important figures in American sports history.