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Week 5 NFL Power Rankings: Aggregate Rankings Have Giants No. 9, Jets No. 14

The Real Clear Sports Aggregate NFL Power Rankings for Week 5 have been tabulated, and the New York Giants have taken a quantum leap in front of the New York Jets.

The 3-1 Giants have moved up to ninth place in the RCS tabulations. The 2-2 Jets have stumbled to No. 14. The Giants have won three straight, while the Jets have lost their last two following a 2-0 start.

Real Clear Sports uses an aggregate score to determine their rankings, tabulating the rankings of eight prominent sports sources — including SB Nation.

This week, the Giants earned an eighth-place vote from for their highest ranking and a 14th place vote from FOX Sports for their lowest score.

There seems to be a wild difference of opinion on what the Jets are. Gang Green was ranked sixth in the Sagarin Rankings, but as low as 18th by Pro Football Talk and 19th by CBS Sports.