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Donovan McNabb Believes He Should Still Be Starting -- And He's Wrong

Former Syracuse University star Donovan McNabb "absolutely" believes he should still be the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. McNabb was replaced a week ago by first-round draft pick Christian Ponder.


So, is McNabb right that he should still be playing? Well, sorry, but no he isn't. McNabb will be 35 in a few weeks. He is a quarterback with a past who has played poor to adequate football the past couple of seasons in Washington and Minnesota and he is on the roster of a 1-6 team looking toward the future. One which McNabb won't be part of.


The Vikings have done the right thing, recognizing that after a 5-1 start they have to begin to find out if Ponder can be their guy going forward. McNabb, they know, can't.


McNabb is a six-time Pro Bowler and you can certainly understand his belief that he can still play -- even if his performance the past couple of seasons has not measured up to the standards he established in Philadelphia. Athletes, though, are generally the last ones to realize that their time is up. McNabb is no exception.