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NFL Power Rankings Week 8: Aggregate Rankings Have Giants 10th, Jets 15th

In the aggregated Week 8 NFL Power Rankings from Real Clear Sports, both the New York Giants and New York Jets are roughly in the middle. The Giants placed 10th overall, and the Jets 15th.

RCS combines the polls from eight popular Internet sources, including SB Nation and ESPN, and comes up with an average score.

The Giants were No. 5 in the CBS Sports poll, for their highest ranking. Pro Football Talk had the giants at No. 6. The lowest ranking for the Giants was handed out by Sagarin, which put the Giants all the way down at No. 20.

The Jets’ best ranking came from Sagarin, which had them at No. 11 after beating the San Diego Chargers. CBS Sports, which had the Giants at No. 5, had Gang Green all the way down at No. 20.

The Jets have a bye this week. The Giants host the winless Miami Dolphins.