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BCS Rankings Week 9 Projections: Big East Continues To Flounder

With the upcoming release of the second BCS standings, we take a look at the Big East's chances of cracking the top 25 and survey the national race for the top two spots.

The second set of BCS Standings are expected to be released tonight on ESPN at 8:15 p.m., but the Big East might be nowhere to be found. The conference's lone representative in the top 25 a week ago, No. 15 West Virginia, got thumped by unranked Syracuse on Friday and the league doesn't seem to have a team to take its place.

Rutgers checked in at No. 31 in last week's projected standings by BCS Guru's Samuel Chi, but the Scarlet Knights also lost Friday night, 16-14 to Louisville. The two other Big East teams ranked in Chi's top 44, Cincinnati and South Florida, duked it out this past weekend, with the Bearcats pulling out a 37-34 victory. The win seems unlikely to propel No. 34 Cincinnati into the top 25.

On the national level, a pair of Saturday upsets figure to shake up the top 10 considerably. Chi expects both Wisconsin, ranked No. 6 in the first set of standings, and Oklahoma, ranked No. 3 a week ago, to drop seven spots due to their upset losses Saturday night.

Chi explains that the two teams who benefit the most from Michigan State and Texas Tech's big wins are No. 1 LSU and No. 2 Alabama, who will likely have a large gap between them and projected No. 3 Oklahoma State. Enough space, Chi writes, that the two teams could meet in the BCS championship game even after their hotly anticipated Nov. 5 clash in Tuscaloosa. Rounding out the top five of this week's projections are No. 4 Clemson and No. 5 Stanford.