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Big East Expansion: League Looking At Championship Game At Yankee Stadium

If the Big East Conference survives the college football conference-realignment apocalypse and is successful in expanding to 12 football-playing members it will be interested in holding a championship game, possibly at Yankee Stadium, says a report.

"Big East Commissioner John Marinatto said on a media conference call today that the league would like to hold a championship game in New York after it adds six football members," wrote Curtis Eichelberger of Monday. "Yankees President Randy Levine said in an e-mail that the team would be "very" interested in hosting it at the three-year-old stadium in the Bronx."

Currently, the Big East does not have a conference championship game in football -- the league champion is decided on regular season play and head-to-head match ups. However, for men's basketball the conference holds a 16-team tournament in March at Madison Square Garden

As a media member who attended last year's Pinstripe Bowl I really like this idea -- if the Big East exists in the next few years. Last year's experiment to hold a "big time" college football game at Yankee Stadium was a success: The game was thrilling, the facility was a great place to watch a football event and the Yankee organization knows how to put together a quality experience.

I may not favor the Big East's plans to save its league, but if it can survive these conference alignment talks and somehow create a championship game, holding it at Yankee Stadium would be a very good idea.