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Conference Realignment: Exit Fee Increased, But Missouri Headed To SEC

Two big updates on Big East Conference expansion and conference realignment broke Monday night.  In an effort to save its conference, the Big East announced late Monday night that its presidents and chancellors unanimously agreed to doubled the league's exit fee from $5 to $10 million, however, the increase is dependent on Air Force or Navy accepting its invitations to join the league. While, that was happening New York Times writer Pete Thamel reported that the University of Missouri is on a clear cut path to join the Southeastern Conference.

Both news stories directly relate to each other because if Missouri leaves the Big 12 Conference, it is rumored that the University of Louisville and West Virginia University are expected to be two of the three replacements. Currently, all signs point to the Cardinals and Mountaineers accepting the Big 12's invite.

If those two Big East programs bolt then more than likely two things will happen: 1) Navy and Air Force will not accept invitations to the Big East -- because why would you join a league that lost three of its four biggest programs in the past month? -- and 2) If Navy and Air Force STILL decided to join and WVU and Louisville still bolt to the Big 12 then the Big East will still need to find two more schools.

Right now, it seems the only hope for the Big East is if Boise State University decided to join the conference.

"'As of Saturday, the Big East "felt confident about their discussions with Boise State," a college football industry source told"

"'That’s the most important factor, the stability of the core membership," Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk told Monday night.'"

But, even if the Broncos join will that prevent WVU and Louisville from jumping? Only time will tell, but as it passes it doesn't look good for the Big East.

SB Nation New York will have more updates on this story as the day progresses. Be sure to check back for more breaking news on Big East expansion and conference realignment.