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Big East Expansion: Army Reportedly Content To Remain Independent

If the Big East is expecting Army to join its conference, it probably hasn’t heard "Boo" from the Black Knights.

That’s because Army Athletic Director Boo Corrigan is reportedly content to remain independent, according to his comments at The Washington Post:

"Clearly we’re following everything right now, but we are very comfortable where we are as an independent, and we are comfortable with the Patriot League. We have great respect for the Big East and John Marinatto. But as we look at things today, we are comfortable where we are."

Army was lumped in with Navy and Air Force for the Big East trifecta, but with the Black Knights reportedly staying put, the "all in" scenario admittedly loses some of its luster.

That leaves Navy, who continues to question the stability of the conference while Air Force considered it a "viable" option.

Muddy waters, for sure, but expect things to clear up in the coming weeks. Until then, get up to speed with our Big East Coast Bias right here.