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Giants, Jets Fans Can Be Miserable Together

A common theme between New York Giants and New York Jets fans is trash-talking about which team is better, or which team currently "owns" New York. Today, though, neither fans of Big Blue nor Gang Green should be in the mood for much bragging. Fans of both squads should be united in feeling miserable about what they watched on Sunday.

The Giants (3-2) lost a home game to a Seattle Seahawks team that entered MetLife Stadium 1-3 and had the league's worst offense. The Seahawks proceeded to roast the Giants' defense for 424 yards, and the Giants turned the ball over five times.

After the loss Giants' coach Tom Coughlin said, "We played poorly. When you don't deserve to win you don't win."

The Jets went to Foxboro and lost their third straight game, falling to 2-3 with a 31-21 loss to the New England Patriots. The Jets were better than they had been in a brutal 34-17 loss a week ago to the Baltimore Ravens, but it was obvious they weren't good enough.

"Obviously they (the Patriots) are the better team right now," said Jets coach Rex Ryan.

The Giants were lost Sunday in a sea of turnovers (five), bad blocking and defensive mistakes. Giants' defensive end Dave Tollefson was correct to call the performance "embarrassing."

With Nick Mangold back at center the Jets looked a little better offensively ... but not nearly good enough. The Jets were even forced to issue a statement pre-game denying that several of the team's wide receivers had gone to coach Rex Ryan to complain about offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

Whether they did or didn't the Jets have issues. Their offense isn't good enough, and their defense isn't as dominant as it was supposed to be. 

So, today, Jets and Giants fans can be miserable. Together. Which, I know, is not any comfort to fans of either team.