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Packers 21, Eagles 16: Why Couldn't The Giants Do This To The Eagles?

New York Giants fans had to get some satisfaction out of watching the NFC East rival Philadelphia Eagles fall to the Green Bay Packers, 21-16, Sunday in the opening round of the NFC playoffs in Philadelphia. Admit it, though, Giants fans -- the game was also killing you.

I mean, you had to be shaking your head and asking yourself 'why?' as you watched the game unfold. 


  • Why doesn't Philadelphia kicker David Akers ever miss two makeable field goals against the Giants?
  • Why doesn't DeSean Jackson ever get hurt, thus limiting his effectiveness, against the Giants?
  • Why can't the Giants anticipate an onside kick, which the Packers did late in the fourth quarter, forcing Philadelphia to kick the ball deep?
  • Why can't a Philadelphia receiver step out of bounds to negate a key score, like Eagles tight end Brent Celek did on a two-point conversion attempt late in the game, against the Giants?
  • Why can't the Giants get a good punt pinning Jackson to the sideline when they need one, like the Packers did Sunday, then go make a tackle in coverage -- again, like the Packers did Sunday?
  • Why can't the Giants, who are allegedly built to run the football, run it against the Eagles the way the Packers did Sunday when they got a 23-carry, 123-yard performance from rookie James Starks?
  • Why can't a Giants cornerback make a game-saving interception against Michael Vick, like Tramon Williams did Sunday to seal Green Bay's victory in the final seconds? 
In short, why can't any of these things happen in the Giants favor against the Eagles? I don't know, but at least Giants fans can take solace in knowing that the Eagles won't be winning the Lombardi Trophy this time around. So, on that score the Giants still hold a 3-0 lead over Philadelphia.

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