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St. John's Basketball Preview: Red Storm at No. 14 Notre Dame

A Top-25 ranking is what's at stake for the St. John's Red Storm, who visit No. 14 Notre Dame, on Saturday (8 p.m. on ESPNU).

On Monday, the Red Storm's collected 61-58 victory against No. 13 Georgetown Hoyas.The win helped the Johnnies earn the top spot in the Big East Conference standings and has put a spotlight on the Big Apples college squad.

SB Nation's St. John's blog, Rumble In The Garden has more:

"(Sports Network) -- The St. John's Red Storm have to feel good about what's gone on so far this season. At the top of the Big East and grinding out wins, the fans are coming back on board, the media is taking notice, and the excitement grows a little every day. It's a great time to be a fan. But in the Big East, it's hard to stay on top for long. There are so many excellent teams, so many styles"

"The next game against the Fighting Irish is no different. They are offensively crisp, dominant at home, tall, well-coached, talented, and ranked either 14th or 15th in the nation, depending on what poll you use. Despite the hot start by the Storm, toppling the Irish pugilists will be a huge challenge."

(Click here for full preview.)

A victory or even a good showing Saturday against another ranked squad, which beat No. 9 Connecticut Huskies on Tuesday, would most likely vault St. John's into the Top 25.


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